1) The Latin name for the English hedgehog is Erinaceus europaeus – I like my Latin!

2) Hedgehogs can’t see quite well however have superb abilities of hearing and smell.

3) Hedgehogs will generally be singular creatures.

4) Don’t take care of them bread and milk – they can’t process it! Hedgehogs like to eat caterpillars and slugs. They will likewise eat night crawlers and slugs. To enhance their eating regimen give putting a shot tinned canine food, minced meat or fried eggs with canine rolls or grain. Ensure that you supply new water as well.

5) Hedgehogs rest for brief periods among December and April. They need to develop adequate stores to endure hibernation.

6) Hedgehogs have spines on their back and sides and will move into a ball in the event that they sense they are in harm’s way. Guys can have up to 500 spines on their back.

7) A child hedgehog is known as a hoglet. Hoglets are conceived exposed with shut eyes and Baby hedgehog moms will more often than not have 4 – 5 children all at once.

8) Hedgehogs can visit various gardens and can travel 1 – 2 miles searching for food. To energize hedgehogs in your nursery leave a little wild region in the pre-winter with a hill of green waste and dead leaves that will compost and conceivably give a home to hedgehogs.

9) All nursery pesticides are possibly hurtful to hedgehogs, particularly slug pellets so ponder whether you can utilize a natural nuisance control elective in the nursery.

So keep an eye out for a hedgehog in your nursery!

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