Whether it’s modern or traditional, a silver menorah is more than just a decorative touch to brighten the dark winter days. It is a physical reminder of Jewish history, a symbol that the light of Judaism could never be extinguished. It is a reenactment of the miracle of Hanukkah, when one day’s worth of oil lasted eight.

When a collector finds a rare silver menorah, it is important to have an expert appraise it. Gauging a piece’s value is not an exact science, but clues like patina and maker’s marks can help. In addition, an expert can make recommendations for restoration and repair. If you are unsure about your menorah’s value, consider visiting a gallery that specializes in Judaica.

A vintage sterling menorah with a classic filigree design. It can be lit with candles or used as a display piece year-round.

This mid-20th century menorah was brought to us for repair. The arms no longer sat on top and were held in place with white first aid tape. We were able to devise a solution that made the arms stable, but allowed for easy disassembly for polishing and cleaning without altering the original design.

This stunning silver menorah was crafted in Moldova in the mid-nineteenth century, and likely inspired by an example photographed in the Great Suburban Synagogue in 1909. The marks on this lamp localize it to Lviv (now known as Lemberg or Lwów) in present-day Ukraine. In Jewish synagogues of the period, a Hanukkah menorah stood to the south of the Torah ark as an allusion to the placement of the Menorah in the Tabernacle and Temple of Jerusalem.

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