The Australian-designed, world-renowned Billi taps are the ideal way to add instant boiling, chilled and ambient filtered water to your kitchen upgrade. These systems eliminate the need for kettles and reduce wait times by allowing users to get what they want, when they want it.

The innovative Billi taps are designed for energy efficiency, incorporating the latest technologies to create a smarter way to dispense cold, hot and sparkling water. They’re also easy to install and feature a sleek, stylish design that will enhance the look of any workplace.

These energy efficient filtered water systems are designed with an in-built cooling system that utilises the heat energy generated during chilling to reclaim and reuse this energy to preheat the boiling water. This clever patented technology helps reduce energy consumption, making these systems an excellent choice for high-usage offices or workspaces.

Featuring the popular Quadra range, these all-in-one systems provide access to instant boiling and chilled as well as filtered sparkling water. They can dispense 15-50 litres per hour of chilled and 1-4 cups of boiling water per minute, depending on the model chosen.

Adding a sparkling option to your Billi tap is an excellent addition that shows staff and visitors your commitment to their health. This system is available with replaceable CO2 cartridges which can be adjusted to give the perfect amount of fizz to your drinks. These taps are also designed for space-efficiency and have the smallest undercounter unit footprint of any other three-in-one Billi system, meaning they can be installed in areas where there may be limited cupboard storage.

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