Airsoft gear refers to the protective and tactical equipment that players wear and use to operate their airsoft guns in battle. This gear includes clothing made of breathable fabrics that can prevent BBs from scratching the skin, as well as protective headgear to keep the sun out of the eyes and face. It also includes the necessary accessories for airsoft play, such as a BB loader or gas tank and a battery charger for the gun.

There are two basic categories of airsoft guns: mechanical, which consist of a spring-loaded piston air pump that is manually cocked (e.g. low-end spring guns, often referred to as springers) or cycled automatically by a battery-powered electric motor and gearbox (e.g. Automatic Electric Guns, or AEGs), and pneumatic, which are powered by valve-controlled releases of prefilled bottled gas such as compressed propane mixed with silicone oil (commonly known as green gas) or CO2 canisters (commonly known as GBB guns). A popular accessory for most types of stock airsoft pistols and rifles is a small rubber nub that protrudes into the barrel through a small hole and catches the top of the pellet as it enters the chamber, adjusting its backspin to increase effective ranges and counteract gravity.

Other accessories include a BB loader to feed the airsoft gun with BBs, a gas tank and regulator for holding and reloading the ammo, and a battery charger for the gun to recharge its power source. For safety reasons, all airsoft gun users should wear eye protection when they are out on the field, and a good pair of working gloves that can fit snugly around the trigger guard, such as “Mechanix” gloves or other comparable brands. Many fields also have rules limiting contact with other players, as fights are not allowed in the presence of high-powered projectile weapons and can ruin the experience for everyone. airsoft gear

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