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Bring a heavenly touch to your home Dcor with these beautiful angel figurines. Each piece features a serene musical instrument accent that makes it perfect for holiday displays.

Praying Angel Figurine

Praying angel figurines are a beautiful way to add peace and serenity to your home or office. The statues of praying angels are perfect gifts for loved ones and friends, as they represent a reminder of how much you care. The graceful figure of an angel kneeling down to pray is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little extra strength and encouragement during difficult times.

Whether you are looking for a small cherub angel or a large praying angel sculpture, you can find the right one for your needs here. Our collection includes a wide range of angel designs, including cherub angels, sleeping angels, standing angels and more. You can also find a variety of materials, colors and sizes to choose from.

The slender sculpted angel stands on top of a base with a simple message, “you are in my prayers.” The soft ivory and pastel turquoise coloring of the angel statuette has a soothing effect that is perfect for a friend or family member who could use a little extra love and support.

Angel with Instruments

This angel with instruments will add a unique touch to your holiday decor. She is crafted with a wavy halo and wings, an elegant gown and a musical instrument. It makes a perfect gift for an avid music lover or a beautiful addition to your own collection. This piece has a silver halo and matching wings and is accented with gold glitter for added shine and sparkle.

This heavenly addition to your seasonal vignette is sure to be the star of the show. It features color-changing lights for a festive glow that will illuminate your home in an exquisite manner. This charming angel is a beautiful way to express your love and compassion for friends and family members.

Give hope and comfort to a friend who has experienced a loss with this touching Willow Tree figure. Artist Susan Lordi pays special attention to the emotions that each angel invokes as she designs these figural sculptures. These wooden angels will make a wonderful bereavement gift or a heartfelt remembrance keepsake.

Cherub Figurine

Cherub figurines are a great way to add a touch of angelic elegance to your home decor. These beautiful sculptures are crafted in polyresin and feature a cool grey tone with a delicate bird accent. They would make a stunning centerpiece on your table or a gorgeous addition to any religious home décor collection.

The English word “cherub” traces its origins to the Hebrew term “keruv,” which refers to the winged figures found in the Bible. This term was derived from earlier Akkadian and Sumerian terms that described the same types of angelic beings in other ancient Near Eastern cultures. As the concept of cherubim spread through cultural exchanges and religious syncretism, it gave rise to a variety of different depictions and interpretations in the various ancient cultures that used them.

When it comes to collecting figurines, there is no wrong or right answer — as long as the pieces hold meaning and value to you. Whether you collect snowman figurines for the holidays or porcelain pumpkins for Fall, burton+BURTON has figurines that will fit your style.

Angel with Wings

For a wonderful keepsake for someone who is no longer with us, this angel wing heart-shaped ornament is a lovely reminder of how much you love and miss them. It features beautiful silver angel wings embracing a photo of the one you hold dear, and it hangs on a delicate chain that connects to an antiqued gold metal angel head with a dainty bell at the end.

While angels are usually depicted with wings, there is evidence in the Bible that they sometimes appear without them. Unlike human beings, angels aren’t bound by physical laws, and they can manifest in any form that best suits their purposes.

Angel wings have many powers, including dimensional travel (allowing them to fly back-and-forth between heaven and Earth), shielding, and healing. They also allow angels to interact with humans and provide guidance.

Wholesale angel gifts are an excellent way to express your faith in a higher power. These items are an excellent gift for anyone who needs a little extra help or encouragement in their life, and they make a great addition to any home or office decor. Browse our wide selection of angel figurines, and you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your loved one or yourself! We offer fast, affordable shipping on all our products. You can order online or call us for more information. angel figurines suppliers

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