Designed with both comfort and utility, backpacks with chargers keep your tech charged on the go. Sometimes called a smart backpack or charging laptop backpack, these bags have built-in USB ports, integrated charging systems or cable pass-through ports so you can easily power up your phone, tablet and other devices. They also feature convenient features like a water-resistant pocket for a laptop dock or tablet stand, trolley strap to attach to rolling luggage and a secure RFID-blocking pocket to protect your passport and other personal items.

The most common type of backpack with a portable charger is one that has a built-in USB port on the outside of the bag connected to a cable on the inside where you can plug-in a portable power bank. Most backpacks with this design do not include a power bank, so you will need to purchase one separately. Backpacks with this type of USB port are more versatile since you can choose your own power bank and cables, so the backpack won’t become outdated when you upgrade to new technology.

Another type of backpack with a portable charger has a solar panel that tucks into the front pocket for direct solar charging as you walk. These are more advanced backpacks that are typically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, but can be used by anyone on the go who wants to stay powered up. Some of these backpacks are more expensive than others, but they offer a unique and environmentally-friendly way to charge your electronics on the go. backpack with portable charger

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