Banuba Video Editor SDK is an Android video editing software development kit that offers a wide range of video editing features and functions. This video editing software is designed to provide a high-quality experience for your users and help you boost your app’s engagement rates, in-app purchases, and sales.

In-App Ads

The video editing app will be free to download, but users will be able to see in-app ads and may opt to remove them for a fee. This monetization model can be a great option for video editors, as it gives them the ability to show off their creative skills and attract new customers.

UI Automation

The video editor SDK allows you to create an entirely custom UI for your app. You can reposition toolbar elements, change icons or rename tools to fit your needs. You can even customize any button label.

Flutter Integration

The Flutter plugin is a powerful tool for multi-platform development. It lets you add video processing and capture, trimming, beautification, video editor effects and filters, GIFs, voice effects, and more. It also lets you create immersive video collages and arrange multiple videos on a single page.

Augmented Reality Face Filters and Virtual Try-ons

The AR face filters, face masks, and AR lenses available from Banuba Asset Store are ideal for building a wide variety of augmented reality applications. They can be used in video editing and conferencing apps, social media and beauty editor apps, and even in AR games.

Use Banuba’s face tracking technology to build apps with facial filters and morphing effects that can be adjusted and customized by your users. You can also create virtual try-ons for your application to enable more realistic interactions with people.

You can also choose from Banuba’s library of more than 600 augmented reality masks and license them for your video editing app. These masks are available in different styles, sizes, and materials and have been tested on real users. They’re easy to integrate into your app and offer a number of benefits, including fast selection and integration, regular updates, low file size, and optimized performance.

Monetization Models

There are a few different monetization models for video editing apps. The most common monetization model is a free version with in-app advertisements. It’s also possible to create a paid version that will allow you to get rid of ads or add additional features.

Alternatively, you can create a subscription-based monetization model, in which users can pay for a monthly or annual subscription to gain access to all the app’s features and functions. Some apps, such as Filmmaker Pro and VivaVideo, have this monetization model.

It’s important to consider your needs before choosing the monetization model for your app. The monetization strategy will impact your user retention and revenue. It’s best to select the monetization model that is right for your app’s target audience.

The most effective monetization model is a hybrid model, in which you will charge for additional features and functions that your users want. This is the most popular monetization model in the world, as it provides the best value for your users.

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