During this time where the majority of networking happens online, sharing a virtual business card is an important way to move your brand forward. Digital cards are a simple and convenient solution to share contact information with people you meet, providing them with a link to your profile that they can save in their phone or use in instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

There are many different types of digital business cards on the market, some require an app, and others work with a web-based platform. App-based digital business cards are a great option for situations where internet service is weak or nonexistent, such as meeting someone on a plane or at an overcrowded conference. They allow you to create a customized vCard that is then shared via a QR code or URL.

Some digital business card providers also offer analytics and insights to help you track how often your vCard is viewed and the links that are clicked. This is a valuable tool for professionals to use when following up with contacts and identifying opportunities for further conversations.

Another benefit of digital business cards is that they are more eco-friendly than their paper counterparts. Over seven million trees are cut down each year to provide the raw materials needed to make paper business cards, and this is a significant amount of waste for the environment. With digital business cards, you can update your information in real-time and reduce the need to order new cards. This can also help to lower your printing costs as you no longer need to pay for the cost of the card material itself. for Digital Business Card

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