In all fights I’ve competed in,Guest Posting my #1 tool was an Everlast heavy bag – they can really take a beating. In my opinion, coming from an x pro fighter and current boxing fitness trainer, the punch bag is the #1 tool for fighter training… sometimes, even better then a coach opponent.Training on the punch bag is great because you can do something very vital to your training – TAKE CONTROL. A perfect way to win a fight – take control and lure your opponent in… you dictate the match! A punching bag on a 360 degree stand or 3 arm powerstation allows you to time, allows you to strike, and allows you to take control. This is my number one secret, it’s actually a bonus secret in this article – the punch bags help you to take control and learn all importantly – patience.

The punch bag can be used to train for a fight in many ways. Below, I’m going to reveal 5 boxing secrets for training using this great tool.

Boxing Secret #1: Mount your boxing bag to a 360 degree bag stand. This way you can stand and walk around. This is essential in your training as you can visualize your opponent and simulate a real fight… a fight with your inner self. Many great men of the past have said your greatest opponent is your inner self. In fact, the great man who said this was the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet to over a billion people on our planet. So use the punch bags to fight against your inner self… develop patience, patience and more patience.Boxing Secret #2: While training on the punch bags, focus on ducking, moving, blocking. These are all things you’re going to have to do in a real fight. Also, these movements build up muscles that are difficult to work out. These movements will contribute to your overall fitness strength training. Moving around like this will help you shape up. If you mount the bag correctly, you can calibrate it so the bag swings just the right amount. Your endurance will increase dramatically!Boxing Secret #3: One of the best ways to train for a fight using a punching bag is to hit the bag in a variety of ways… Just like you will hit your opponent. Uppercut, jab, hook, etc. If you’re muay thai, knee, kick, stand back and practice your stance. Most people training on the punch bags make this vital mistake. They just punch the bag. An awesome system you can purchase is the Teddy Atlas Workout System. It comes with a set of targets and a training video by coach Teddy Atlas who trained more champions then anyone else!Boxing Secret #4: Intensity training. One of the hardest things in a fight is to keep up. This has to do with intensity training. Sometimes, you get 30 punches thrown on you and you have to duck, block, move away. This is very hard on some people. It’s kinda like sprinting. Even if you’re very “fit” sprinting can be very difficult for you because you’re not used to speeding up and slowing down. So use the heavy bag to intensity train. Go hard on the bag at times, then slow down. Make it swing lots, slow it down by grappling. Get it?Boxing Secret #5: Simulate ring conditions by training in rounds. When you go hit the punch bags, get used to training like a real boxing match. Sure practice your punches, kicks, jabs, etc, but do this all in rounds. Do 5 rounds, 12 rounds, whatever you need. If you’re training for UFC, do 3 rounds, even when you’re just practicing straight punches. This will help your mind set and endurance.You will surely see the effects soon if you follow our boxing secrets at Punch Bags Online. Best of luck. Träning thaiboxning

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