An ice maker liberates your countertop from stacks of trays and can keep up with the demands of home bartenders, iced coffee drinkers and habitual ice chewers. These machines create clear, dense ice that looks beautiful in drinks and lasts longer than cubes from traditional freezer trays.

When choosing an ice maker, consider your day-to-day needs and how many drinks you typically serve at one time. If you plan to serve more than a few drinks at any given time, look for an ice machine that produces a lot of ice per hour. Also, consider your available counter space and the size of any cabinets under the ice bin to make sure you can easily open and close the machine when it’s making or holding ice.

In addition to deciding what type of ice you want and how quickly it should be made, look for an ENERGY STAR certified ice maker. These appliances use less energy to produce and store ice, saving you money and cutting your carbon footprint.

A good ice maker has an easy-to-use control panel and clear, precise instructions. You should also consider the aesthetics of your kitchen and pick a model that matches or complements other appliances. Classic stainless steel finishes and modern black options are common. If you want a more personalized look, look for a panel-ready model that allows you to add your own custom front panel. When unboxing a new ice maker, leave it upright for an hour or two before plugging it in to ensure any jostling during shipping has settled. ice maker

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