Choosing the right British male voiceover is an important step for your business. The kind of voice you choose will determine how your audience responds to your message. Whether you need a soothing, warm and calm voice for an explainer video or a more dramatic, exciting, humorous and emotion-filled tone for a commercial, it is essential to pick the right one. Several factors can influence your choice, including the type of project you are working on, your audience and the desired tone.

There are many agencies and freelancers who offer british male voiceover, making it difficult to decide which one is best for your project. You can select a suitable voice over artist by asking for recommendations, looking at clients’ reviews and listening to demos. It is also helpful to ask for sample work and samples of the style and genre you want, as it will help you narrow down your search.

While there are some instances where female voices are more appropriate, a male voice is often ideal for projects that require an authoritative and serious tone. They are often the best option for advertising products such as cars, boats and computers. They can also convey a sense of authority and expertise when voicing corporate narration or eLearning materials.

Another factor to consider is the age of your audience. If you are aiming at teenagers, for instance, a British male voice over artist who uses slang and street language will resonate with them. In contrast, if you are targeting senior citizens with a product such as pain-relieving medication, a compassionate and caring voice will help convey the right message to them.

Paul Berry is a professional British male voice over artist based in the UK, providing high-quality native English voice-overs for radio, TV, app and web video, IVR and on hold messages, animation voice over, character voiceovers, audiobook narrator, eLearning and more. His experience includes voicing for Lavazza, Volkswagen, HSBC, AIG, Riso Gallo and Best Western among others. He records in his own personal studio with Neumann and Sennheiser microphones, a Focusrite 8i6 and Adobe Audition plus Waves, Izotope and Valhalla plug-ins.

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