With the city’s tall skyscrapers and neighboring townships, there’s a lot of glass in Columbus. Window film protects glass from shattering and keeps out the bad guys. It also helps large commercial buildings meet the new energy benchmarking ordinance. And it’s a perfect solution for homeowners and small businesses looking to upgrade their windows. Read more in our article about Columbus window tint. Serving East Columbus, Blacklick, New Albany and Westerville. We are 3M Platinum Large Commercial Certified Dealers.

For anyone who wants a little something extra on their car, window tint is an option that looks amazing and gives your vehicle that unique look that turns heads. It can help reduce glare, keep your interior cooler and protect your privacy from prying eyes. But when it comes to selecting a shop for the job, there are a few things you should know.

First and foremost, make sure you find a reputable business that uses quality tint. Many shops will say they use the best tint but there are a lot of different options on the market, so do your research. Ask to see a sample of their work and talk to previous customers about their experience.

It’s also important to find out how long the company has been in business and check out their reviews on Yelp or Google. This will give you a good idea of the level of service you can expect and whether they are worth your time and money.

Most states have laws about the percentage of tint that can be applied to your windows, so before you choose a shop, check the laws in your area. Some states have harsh penalties for violating their tint laws, so it’s crucial to do your research.

Getting the right tint for your vehicle will not only enhance its appearance but can add to its resale value. It will help protect the interior trim and upholstery from fading and will allow you to enjoy more comfortable drives. It will also keep the sun out and make your car more energy efficient by reducing the amount of heat it takes to cool the cabin.

You should also be aware of how the tint you select will perform in your climate. If you live in a hot or humid environment, some types of tint can bubble, peel and discolor more quickly than others. Also, if you live in an area with strong winds, the wind can lift the tint and cause it to fly off the window while you are driving.

To prevent these issues, you should choose a high-performance tint such as Solar Gard, which has excellent customer reviews and a lifetime warranty. It is available for all four of your car’s windows and offers superior performance in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

It’s also a good idea to find out if the shop you are considering is a certified XPEL dealer. This means that they are trained to install the product and have the necessary tools to ensure a proper installation. In addition, they will have the XPEL warranty to back them up if there are any problems with the tint in the future. It’s important to choose a shop that uses the highest-quality products to protect your investment. Columbus window tint

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