Lake wall art is a great way to connect your home decor to the relaxing atmosphere of your vacation getaway. With a wide selection of prints featuring serene lake landscapes, fun lake signs and wildlife designs, there’s something for everyone’s unique style. The natural color palette of the collection includes cool blues and greens to complement a variety of existing bedroom and living room decor. For a unified look, pair lake house art with matching white mats and natural wood framed finishes to highlight the earthy hues of the prints.

Nautical details like stripes are an easy and classic choice for lake house decorating. Stripes can be found on everything from deck chairs to window treatments, and they work well in lakeside homes because of their summery feel. Look for lighter shades of blue to keep the theme subtle and understated, or go bold with a navy stripe print that screams nautical.

The beauty of a lake is that it’s always changing, and so can your style. Look for pieces of lake wall art that reflect the different seasons of your lake house, such as this mossy waterscape print. This nature print brings a sense of the outdoors to your walls, and it’s also a great option for creating a focal point in a lakeside dining room.

Make your lake house a space for relationships and conversation. Place your living room furniture in a layout that encourages guests to chat and enjoy one another’s company, rather than orienting all seating towards the TV. And don’t forget to fill that empty fireplace with a piece of lake cabin wood carving wall art. The natural texture and warm colors of this piece will instantly transform your fireplace into a cherished accent wall in your lake house. lake wall art

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