The state’s it support connecticut team responds to incidents and requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s committed to the design, development, implementation and integration of information technology systems in support of state agencies.

Connecticut IT companies face different challenges than the average business, thanks to an influx of remote workers and new technologies that allow employees to work anywhere. Keeping these devices up to date and securing corporate data are key to a successful telecommuting strategy, but they can also create new risks for IT departments.

While Connecticut is one of the most technologically advanced states in the country and most households have access to high-speed internet, many residents still need help using their computers and navigating the online world. Often, those who need the most assistance are low-income and have limited digital literacy skills.

The digital navigators program is one of the ways that libraries are helping residents gain the knowledge and skills to use their computers. In addition to providing basic computer skills, digital navigators can help residents apply for online benefits and book appointments at local social services offices. The program, which is being expanded to more libraries across the state, has become a model for similar programs in other states. Connecticut is also considering a plan to consolidate the state’s IT agency, which could help create efficiencies and cybersecurity improvements. It would also create a single pool of experts that can be shared across state agencies.

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