GPM is the abbreviation for gallons per minute and is used to express volume flow rate. This unit of measurement is useful in a variety of applications including water pumps, showerheads, and plumbing systems.

A simple and easy to use GPM calculator is available right here! Simply enter the volume of liquid in the first field, select the time it takes for the given volume to fill a container, and then enter 60 divided by the number of seconds it took to calculate the GPM. For even more accuracy, try measuring the same container multiple times and averaging the results.

This GPM Calculator works with a variety of units, from LPM to GPM, and more! Check out our other volume calculators for even more options.

How to Calculate GPM
Whether you need to figure out how much your home’s water usage is, or want to know how many gallons of water your pump can push downhill in one minute, knowing the answer to these questions requires a little knowledge of water measurement. According to The Spruce, your faucet’s flow rate can be easily calculated by observing how long it takes for your tank to fully refill with water and then dividing that amount of time by the number of seconds in a minute.

The resulting number is your home’s GPM. If you’re interested in a more precise method, you can also measure the flow of water into a tank or other container by using a water meter and recording the number of seconds it takes to fill a container. gpm to lpm

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