There are many crappie fishing techniques that you should learn but knowing where to look for the best fishing spot is important. Even those who have been fishing for a very long time aren’t always right with their judgement. But there are some general points to follow when searching for good crappie fishing spots.

During specific times of the year, crappie will hide out in deeper parts of the water. But one of the best areas to find them when they haven’t gone for the nearest lake to stay for winter or aren’t heading to deeper areas to avoid warm summer temperatures is among the weed beds, logs, rivers, lily pads and other areas where they can hide in daytime.

For this reason, this is where anglers are going to search out for crappie. Being able to locate these crappie hideouts and slowly getting into casting position in order not to disturb the crappie is the first step. The crappie is somewhat active during the spring and autumn, so a jig that’s moving fast, a cork, or a bob with a minnow will be great for the angler.

During the summer, anglers would want to look for crappie in shaded areas that are close to deeper waters. Checking under docks and bridges are good areas to look along with the typical cover they prefer. You will have better chances from dusk to dawn, especially in the summer since crappie like to eat after dark.

You’re more likely to find crappie in rivers and creeks that have sunken trees and snags in the banks. You might be able to catch some bass and trout in these areas. Even if you didn’t see any crappie, you’ll almost be catching something else. You can also try trolling carefully together with the eddies and the rocks in streams with a current that’s moving fast.

Looking for crappie in lakes – Crappie seem to spend most of their time in deeper waters away from the shore when staying in lakes, so casting from your boat is the best option. Like I said, crappie come out to feed at night so you’ll be able to hook them more easily – the couple of days coming before the full moon are the best days to try this one out.

It’s going to take some practice time to develop your ability in looking for the areas where crappie are hiding out. But with continued patience, you’ll eventually be very good at tracking crappie.

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