ET1 Templates
When bringing an employment tribunal claim in the UK, you have to lodge a legal document known as an ET1. The ET1 is important as it outlines everything that you are claiming for, including unfair dismissal, discrimination or unlawful deductions from wages. It is one of the first documents that the Judge / Panel will read and can make a huge difference to whether or not your case makes it through to the tribunal stage.

As such, it is vital to get the ET1 right, which is why many people seek expert legal assistance when submitting an ET1. A poorly completed ET1 may prevent your claims from being heard at all.

The ET1 contains a number of sections which ask for information about yourself and your employer, the reasons for your dispute and the remedies you are seeking. It is a lengthy document that can be difficult to navigate, and there are a number of common mistakes that people make when completing it, such as being too vague in explaining their reason for their dispute or leaving out important details.

As with all employment tribunal cases, the time limits for bringing a claim are strictly enforced and it is important to ensure that your ET1 form is lodged within the required three months less one day from when you believe that a qualifying incident took place. A delay in submitting your ET1 could seriously affect your chances of being awarded compensation and may prevent you from securing representation on a no win no fee basis. ET1 Templates

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