Fertility Centre Dubai is one of the leading specialised centres in the Middle East for assisted reproductive technologies with high pregnancy rates. The clinic focuses on treating both men and women of all ages, with comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment using the latest techniques.

The team at the fertility clinic in Dubai consists of specialist doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, sonographers, nurses, lab technicians and support staff. Several support services such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and healthy eating may also be provided as part of the treatment plan.

Couples seeking fertility treatment at the IVF clinic in Dubai are referred by their doctor(s). They will need to provide medical history as well as undertake a physical examination. Tests will be carried out to measure hormone levels and the functioning of the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

After a detailed assessment, the doctors at the Fertility Centre Dubai will recommend the best course of treatment. This will depend on the medical condition of the patient, age and other factors. The couple will be offered IVF or artificial insemination (IUI), which uses the husband’s sperm with the woman’s eggs, or ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to increase the chances of fertilization.

During the IVF procedure, an experienced fertility specialist at Fertility Centre Dubai will inject Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to stimulate the female ovaries to produce multiple mature follicles. A skilled fertility expert will then harvest the eggs with a minimally invasive procedure, known as egg retrieval. The sperm is collected from the male partner during masturbation or, if this is not possible, with the use of a special procedure known as TESA (Testicular Epididymal Sperm Aspiration). The clinic has a full-service Genetics Laboratory in-house and offers gender selection and advanced hereditary disease screening through chromosomal karyotyping. Fertility Centre Dubai

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