Whether you’re hosting a workshop with new team members, an internal meeting or a conference call, you need fun ice breakers to get the conversation started and facilitate the flow of ideas. Icebreaker questions should be open to everyone and have no right or wrong answers, so that people can feel comfortable sharing about themselves in a group setting.

These fun ice breaker questions are great for small groups who want to mingle or for larger group sessions where participants can answer questions by raising their hand. Start with lighthearted icebreaker questions and move into more serious topics as you gain confidence in the group. These questions also work well for new teams or established teams that need to build more psychological safety and trust within their circle.

To play this icebreaker, have the group sit in a circle. Give each participant a piece of paper and have them write down a random fact about themselves. Then, have them share their facts with the group by putting their paper in a hat or a container and reading them out loud. The group then votes on which person they think the fact relates to.

Alternatively, the facilitator can read out a list of statements that the group can only answer yes or no to. This includes things like countries visited, foods eaten, games or sports tried, etc. The participants then take turns standing up when they can answer a question and sitting down if they cannot.

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