Almost every industry faces workplace hazards that could lead to injury, illness or even death. It is important to provide employees with health and safety awareness course so they can learn how to prevent these risks.

Employees who are well trained in safety can reduce the number of accidents, which leads to lower absenteeism and healthcare costs, which can save a company money in the long run. They can also help promote a positive work culture that fosters open communication regarding workplace issues and problems, which can improve productivity.

This course is intended for new workers who want to understand what their responsibilities are in terms of health and safety at work. It covers the basics of following government and HSE guidelines, how to find and control hazards, and what to do if they believe that their job is unsafe.

The course also explains that they have the right to refuse unsafe work and that their employer cannot threaten, fire or dismiss them for exercising this right.

By taking this health and safety course, employees will be able to recognise common causes of workplace injuries such as trailing power cords and manual handling hazards. They will also learn the benefits of being proactive about reducing these risks by producing risk assessments, action plans and by using appropriate personal protective equipment.

This training will also cover the importance of behavioural safety and how to promote positive attitudes to health and safety at work. In addition, it will explain how to prepare for emergencies and how to deal with them in a timely manner. health and safety awareness course

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