A jewelry photo editing service helps you enhance your e-commerce jewelry images with professional photography editing tools. It can remove dust and specks from an image, make it appear sharper, and add shine to metal and gems. It also allows you to correct color to look natural and provides realistic shadow effects that aren’t too dark or light.

Jewelry is a very shiny product that reflects almost 99 percent of the light around it. This makes it difficult to photograph without introducing blur or other issues into the image. Our jewelry photo editing services use various methods to achieve a perfect result including clipping path and background removal, metal polishing, gem touch up and focus stacking.

Removing the white background from an image is one of the most popular jewelry photography editing techniques. This brings the product to the forefront of the image and removes any distracting elements from the background, such as light reflections or other objects. However, this can be a complex process because of the different materials used in jewelry products. This is why we recommend using a software like Photoshop or Lightroom to create the path and then removing it from the jewelry image with the brush tool.

When it comes to retouching jewelry, we recommend choosing a service that offers both retouching and image clipping. This way, you can ensure that your jewelry photos are perfect for all types of media and will be consistent across all channels. This will give your business a more professional appearance and increase your conversion rates.

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