A smart android payment terminal makes point of sales transactions easier for merchants and their customers. Whether used with the Softpay app in a mobile phone or tablet to remove bottlenecking at the cashier, or alongside a Helcim card reader for chip and PIN payments in attended venues or self-service environments, an android terminal can bring added convenience to businesses such as retail brands, pop-ups, flea markets, taxis and sports arenas. It can also blend in better with shop images and aesthetics than a traditional device.

Android smart POS terminals, also known as smart POS devices, are a technological tsunami that is impacting the entire payments industry. These new, intelligent terminals are bringing the same functionality as legacy POS devices to new market sectors, with the added ability for Payment Service Providers and Acquirers to offer new business apps to their merchant clients.

The flexibility of the Android OS makes it easier for developers to design and integrate hardware and software that aligns perfectly with a merchant’s business. It’s an open platform, enabling integration with a wide range of solutions, such as loyalty programs software, buy now pay later (BNLP) and alternative payments. This opens up opportunities to differentiate their offerings and to address the COVID-19 pandemic’s changing consumer technology and purchasing habits. It’s a strategic response to a new and more demanding world. android payment terminal

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