Building a YouTube community involves forging a connection between your content and viewers. This can be done through a variety of ways, from comments and likes to subscriber counts and engagement. The idea is to cultivate a group of followers who take action, such as purchasing merchandise or turning on channel notifications. This kind of loyalty can be beneficial for brands that focus on creating content that is highly engaging and unique.

Create behind-the-scenes photos and videos that forge a sense of authenticity between your audience and your business. This can be a great way to generate excitement for upcoming videos or new products. In addition, some channels create a sense of community in the real world by arranging meetups for their subscribers.

Leverage the community tab to keep your subscribers updated when you don’t have time to upload a video. This feature lets you post simple text updates, image polls, and even video clips. It’s a fantastic tool for small channels on the rise.

Encourage your viewers to engage with you by hearting their comments and responding to them. Although this can be a bit daunting, it goes a long way towards fostering an authentic community. You can also host Q&A sessions, in which you ask your viewers questions for a set period of time. This will not only generate interaction but also promote your videos, thus bringing in more views. You can even use the community tab to highlight major milestones on your channel.

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