Gemstone bracelets are a wonderful way to enhance your spirituality. In many cultures, gemstones are believed to have unique powers that can help you balance your life and boost feelings of peace and wellbeing. They can also be worn as a fashion accessory, to add a pop of color to your outfit or just because they feel good.

You can use a wide variety of gemstones to make this beaded bracelet, but we chose Lapis 8mm rondelle beads for their deep blue color and powerful connection with intuition and truth. We strung the beads on Extreme Flex 925 sterling silver beading wire, crimped with 2x2mm sterling silver crimp tubes and finished with a small silver hammered toggle clasp.

To begin, cut a piece of elastic cord that’s twice as long as your wrist measurement. You can trim off any excess later, but it’s easier to have too much cord than not enough.

Position a Bead Bug or piece of tape over one end of the elastic cord. This will help keep the beads from slipping off while you bead.

For each bead, stitch through the cord, then the focal bead and back through the seed bead to form a decorative picot. Keep going until the bracelet is the desired length.

Repeat the process with a new set of 3 beads. When you finish adding the second set of 3 beads, add a row of spacers and then your clasp. We used a simple button loop closure, but you could also try a swivel clasp or a slide lock clasp to make it more secure. beaded gemstone bracelets

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