For over fifty years Norcold refrigerators have been a favorite for RVers and the company has been owned by Thetford Corporation, a leading supplier of sanitation products in the recreational vehicle industry. However, like all fridges, Norcold refrigeration units can break down over time or become damaged from road vibration. This is especially true with the newer gas absorption units which have smaller pipes. These units must work harder to move the same amount of ammonia and can get extremely hot. When this happens the pipes can rust from within and leak ammonia all over your coach, including the refrigerator.

To prevent this from happening the ARP Control or another type of boiler temperature sensor should be connected to the proper place on the boiler tube. If the boiler is not limited to a safe operating temperature the cooling unit can get so hot that it causes crystals to form in the tubes and they crack. This can leak ammonia from the inside of your refrigerator and damage it to the point that it needs to be replaced.

One thing that can help to protect your refrigerator is a specialized foam product designed for insulation and the installation of appliances. This low expansion spray foam is available at many hardware stores and is inexpensive compared to a Norcold replacement unit. When it is applied to the outside of the evaporator pocket it can seal the unit from the back of the refrigerator and protect it from vibration during travel. It should be applied before the evaporator screws are installed. norcold cooling units

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