While instantly sprucing up incessantly may not be feasible,Guest Posting there are ways with which you can transpose the atmosphere, that is, by changing the lightning! But if fixing those new hanging orbs or that luxe chandelier is not your cup of tea, then lamp shades are your best bet! Don’t underestimate the transformation it brings about as there is a lot more versatility to it rather than simply being an item that hovers over your lamp bases!

  • A treat to sore eyes in a bright room.
  • Helps create a well-defined focal area.
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal.
  • Allows you to be in control of your ambience by diffusing or illuminating with just the right amount of light!

A good quality lamp shade brings just the right touch to your room. They come in different shapes, i.e., empire, cylindrical, bell, pendant, etc. and different patterns to suit different tastes! Let’s have a look at some of the stunning designer lamp shades online from Freedom Tree; that makes for ornate pieces of decor in themselves!


Panai Small Taper Lampshade For the love of all things foliage! This Panai Taper Lampshade brings in the green of nature with its palm inspired prints. If your space is more about a free-spirited vibe; then this exquisite designer lamp shade will fit in charmingly against a pastel wall! Ideal for those who have an inclination to light-up a space while also adding a touch of panache. This small-sized lamp shade for the living room gives a beautiful looking appeal sitting on either side of your couch preaching beautifully above a table lamp!


Salaka Medium Drum Lampshade (Black/White)

If your home is in need of a little quirky and eclectic mix; break the monotony with the Salaka Medium Drum Lamp Shade. The black and white stripes make for a classic mix that you can never go wrong with. Watch with aplomb as it contrasts beautifully across a solid coloured wall. The medium-sized fabric lamp shade will look good on a sturdy floor lamp.


Solid Drum Pendant Lampshade The beauty about simplicity is that you can mould it any way you please, and it will adapt without breaking pattern. That’s what the Solid Drum Pendant Lamp Shade is about! The cadet blue small lamp shade sits beautifully against any backdrop and blocks large rays to set the ambience to low light. The fluted accents of this table lamp shade are perfect for warm get-togethers! Put it anywhere and see it stand out!


Elae Taper Lampshade (Amber)Well, if being ordinary is not your thing, then Elan Taper Lampshade is definitely your type. The elegant design, which is artsy enough to give depth another meaning. The amber illuminates the room with its warm, ambient aura. Brilliant to host with a set of intellectuals and talk about your literary and art affairs!


What is style without personality? Let your identity shine brighter than the brightest star in your sacred space where you are just you! Let the festivals be a time to decorate, entertain, get together and listen; while letting your home do the taking of who you are! This festive season, give your home a makeover with a touch of your character; it all starts with a lampshade! Bedside lamps

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