Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler, or an ecommerce company selling products from across the country or around the world, you need reliable industrial packaging supplies to get your goods to your customers. Every physical product must be shipped from the point of production to the customer’s doorstep, and that’s where industrial packaging comes in. Industrial packaging supplies are the heavy-duty, durable shipping materials that store and transport your goods safely from production to distribution to your customers.

Every industry requires its own unique set of industrial packaging supplies. For example, food manufacturers rely on industrial packaging that’s designed to keep products fresh, safe for consumption and protected from environmental conditions while in transit. Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals must be stored and transported in accordance with stringent health and safety standards, so these types of industrial packaging must meet specific requirements to ensure that the product is safe.

As such, the vast majority of industrial packaging supplies are custom-designed to fit the needs of specific industries, but there are a few general categories that every industry will use:

Shipping and storage containers

Boxes, envelopes, bags, tapes, handles, cushioning, bulk storage bins, and crates are common, durable shipping containers for storing and transporting items. Triple-wall corrugated is an extremely durable, customizable option for storing and shipping large goods and equipment. Its sturdy construction withstands a wide range of temperature changes, resists water penetration and corrosion, and enables easy stacking for maximum storage space. For shipments of even heavier or more delicate products, a variety of inserts and dividers can be added to the container to provide additional support and protection.

Another durable shipping container option is a metal drum or plastic bulk bin, which is ideal for transporting liquids and other materials that need to stay tucked away from moisture and dirt. Aside from its sturdiness and water resistance, these containers are also very easy to clean and can be customized with handle openings for easy handling.

Strapping and stretch wrap bind items together and prevent them from moving during transportation, while labeling and identification products identify the contents of packages and containers, and warn of potential hazards or instructions. And, for companies that require frequent shipping and storage of their goods, a warehouse management system can help to streamline the entire process.

In a world without industrial packaging, products would simply be loaded onto a pallet and tied together with rope to make their way from the production plant to retail stores or distribution centers to customers’ homes. But that’s not a world we want to live in. Without a solid, robust supply of industrial packaging supplies, goods would be constantly slammed into each other and exposed to weather elements that could cause them damage or ruin their quality when delivered to the customer. Instead, thanks to the hard work of industrial packaging suppliers like Uline, we can depend on high-quality, durable, custom-designed industrial packaging supplies that keep our goods safe and sound in transit.

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