IVF treatment in cyprus has a high success rate, and it is one of the most popular fertility treatments available. The most common IVF procedures involve using a woman’s own eggs, but they can also use donor eggs. In addition, IVF is a good choice for couples who are having trouble conceiving through other means. However, there are many factors that can affect the chances of a successful IVF cycle, including reproductive history, genetic problems, and lifestyle habits like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

During the ovarian stimulation phase, you’ll receive injections every day to develop and mature the follicles that contain the eggs. The injections normally include a combination of FSH and LH. Once the follicles are large enough, an ultrasound will be done to determine the size of each follicle. This is known as the antral follicle count (AFC). If the AFC is normal, then you will receive a HCG trigger shot to prevent ovulation.

AFC scans are performed throughout the IVF process to monitor your progress. Our patient coordinators will keep in close contact with you and will schedule the timing of your treatments. If you want to preserve your fertility, we offer social freezing (oocyte collection and 1-year storage) for EUR 1,750. We also offer Reciprocal IVF for female same-sex couples (egg donation and embryo transfer), which costs EUR 5,250. ivf treatment in cyprus

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