Live cams capture real-time video that can be viewed online. They are often used to showcase scenic or tourist destinations, traffic conditions and weather patterns. Some also offer audio, allowing viewers to hear the sounds of their surroundings. A common use for live cams is at schools and daycare centers to allow parents to check in on their children throughout the day remotely. Creative businesses like glass-blowing studios can also benefit from using a live cam to show off their products and the creative process.

A great perk to streaming with a webcam is that the camera itself is a digital device and doesn’t require an encoder. This allows you to stream more quickly and requires less technical knowledge. Additionally, most webcams are designed with a minimal footprint and can be attached to the top of your monitor. Some are even portable, which makes them ideal for on-the-go streaming.

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Many safety managers have a difficult time maintaining control of their fleet when they aren’t on the road with them. Live streaming enables veteran drivers and safety staff to do a spot check on any driver without having to be out with them in person. Alternatively, they can do virtual ride-alongs and provide remote training for new drivers. Some dash cams with live streaming are also built with driver privacy in mind, such as the Motive AI dash cam.

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