If you’re ready to invest in a new handbag, it’s important to consider the brand’s reputation for craftsmanship and the bag’s longevity. Whether it’s a classic style from a timeless label or a newer, buzzy It bag, you want to make sure that the purse is worth your money and will still be fashionable years down the road. To help you make an informed buying decision, we’ve rounded up the best luxury handbags that have the highest resale value.

While price-tier leaders like Chanel and Hermes can command sky-high prices for their bags, a number of brands offer stylish bags that have a more reasonable price tag. For example, cult label Marc Jacobs offers minimalist bags with unique touches, such as elevated origami-like shapes, that have a high-fashion aesthetic. And Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic designs, including the Muse bag and Classic Duffle 24, are coveted by fashion fans and industry tastemakers alike.

Other labels, such as Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino and British label Alexander McQueen, offer luxe leather pieces that depict glamour with an edgy sense of style. The latter’s dramatic looks, such as the Gadino bag crafted from white crocodile skin, are designed to showcase the label’s expert craftsmanship.

Other factors that affect a handbag’s resale value include its rarity, condition, and the age of the piece. For a true luxury investment, you’ll likely want to consult an appraiser or specialist who can give an objective assessment of the item based on its condition and overall market demand.

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