A Michael Kors bag can be a fashion icon, whether it’s the iconic Jet Set large carryall or a small shoulder handbag like the Mae pebbled leather version. You can find them at the designer’s site and other department stores and online retailers, such as Macy’s. The brand has a variety of styles to suit any wardrobe, from the classic saffiano leather bag to the sophisticated Parker collection.

Authentic MK bags feature a circular logo encircled by a straight line, printed consistently on the fabric liner of the purse. The fabric lining of a genuine MK bag is always the same color as the logo. In contrast, counterfeit purses often have the circle and MK logo in a lighter or darker shade.

In addition, authentic MK bags have a white label that lists the name of the model and serial number. Counterfeit MK bags may have a fake label or no label at all. Also, real MK purse pockets are stitched in double rows with a signature triangle stitch at the end of each sewn row. In contrast, most fake purse pockets have a single row of stitching with a triangle stitch at the end. The zipper pocket on a genuine MK bag is plastic and the same color as the lining. MK sales bag uk

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