Mould is much more than unsightly and unpleasant to look at, it also poses serious health problems and can lead to extensive property damage. The best way to stop mould from taking over your home is by booking a mould remediation london service with a specialist company that provides this treatment for a fixed price.

Mould is usually the result of a moisture issue in your property, which may be caused by structural defects, damp patches on walls and ceilings, poor ventilation or water leaks that haven’t been properly repaired. These factors can create the ideal environment for mould to grow and spread quickly.

If left untreated, black mould (or mildew) can saturate wallpaper and plaster, creating a porous surface that is difficult to clean. This can cause the surface to flake and crack, exposing the underlying plasterboard to water, which in turn allows the mould spores to penetrate.

The best way to stop black mould from forming in your home is by booking a professional mould remediation london service that uses a proprietary product that kills the spores and prevents it from growing back. Our team will use this product in conjunction with a high-pressure water jet to remove the affected material and restore the affected surfaces.

Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or attic, mould can degrade your property value and leave you with costly repairs. In addition to this, mould can aggravate respiratory conditions and allergies, and can make you and your family sick. The fungus is also extremely dangerous for young children and elderly people. Inhaling the spores can lead to breathing difficulties, rashes, sneezing and itchy eyes, skin and nose. mould remediation london

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