like restaurant and cafeteria business setup; travel and tourism business; rent a car business; salon and nursery business setup food trading company etc. but before starting any new business you must need to know the advantages and the features. Investors from all over the world have set up many businesses in the recent past,Guest Posting and more and more are in the process of opening a new business in Dubai. Setting up of a corporate account has been the core reason behind this; because Dubai is a tax free jurisdiction which attracts more and more entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to open a business in the same line, then you must need to know the rules and regulation of the business in Dubai. And especially you need to find out what your capability is and what sort of business will be a suitable for you or in other words what sort of experience you have for the business startup. You must be very clear and certain about the type of corporate business; and you must know your business benefits so that to get the maximum profit. You can take help from business setup consultants in Dubai to study business and to get a fair bit of knowledge about it. Any new business setup can enjoys the benefit of tax exemption and total privacy and security. They have a special status allowing to the authority of the state or the country. The policies and aims of the Dubai in framing the lawmaking to promise the special status may be different but is held in reserve modest so that more and more new business setup in Dubai can take place.

Following are the some of the key new business opportunities which an entrepreneur can consider while going for new business setup in Dubai.

Starting a Restaurant Business in Dubai

In order to start a restaurant business in Dubai, a restaurant license in Dubai is required from the Department of Economic Development and Commerce Marketing. There are a number of license related to this type of a business; so the owner of the business must also select the appropriate type of a license which is best suitable for the type of food company formation he or she wants to open; because the license will clearly shows the activity the restaurant will take on. Restaurant license can be categories in to two different type of business; which are restaurant license and cafeteria license in Dubai. For both of these businesses you need to receive approval for the construction plans that must be according to some specifications. These terms are made by the Food Control Department in Dubai.

Starting a car rental business in Dubai

To start a rent a car business in Dubai, you would start with its registration process, Prepare all the necessary documents, licensing and activities direction in the RTA (Road Traffic Authority). Further staff preparation is supported out (directly engaged in providing lease services) in the Road Traffic Authority.

A beginner rent a car license in Dubai needs at minimum 15 cars in its task force. Else, the business will not be money-making business. Cars can be one-time bought or taken on lease. Obviously, the second option at the initial stage is less expensive, but in the end it will increase costs of the tools purchase by 15-20%. As a rule, one-time buying of cars of the similar brand can give a businessperson a large concession. Specialists advise that in the first 30 days of work parking area will be needed for 70% of the units of the taskforce. While some vehicles are working, there should be some place where the others can be washed or slight repaired, etc.

For a rent a car business in Dubai an office is a compulsory element, a car can be carried to a specified address. However, its occurrence is welcome; from the client’s viewpoint the ease of use of the office is a sign of trustworthiness of the rent a car business in Dubai. Regarding the staff, a small project needs the following staff participants: a Project Coordinator (administration, control, communication with management and staff, conducting advertising strategy), a manager -dispatcher to work with clients, drivers (1-2 people). تأسيس شركة في دبي

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