If your business is like most, you are always on the hunt for new customers. More than likely, you have a marketing plan in place and you utilize several types of media, be it newspaper ads, networking, or promotional materials. While all of these marketing tools provide results and may be working well for your company, it may be time to do something a little different. Think about yourself as a consumer for a moment. How many times have you received the same tired advertisement from the same company every week…week in and week out? The first time you received their circular, you may have looked through it. Maybe even the second or third time that it came stuffed in your mailbox but after a while, it became stale and you became disinterested. Now, that piece of mail goes straight from your mailbox to your trash without giving it a second thought.

The same probably happens with your marketing attempts if your customers and potential customers become desensitized and disinterested by the same ho hum marketing. Try shaking things up a bit and do something different for a change. There are many creative ways to market to your customers to achieve your goal of bringing them into your business.

Take a look at what other companies are doing to increase their market share and incorporate what you think will peak curiosity and interest in the people you want as customers. Stand in front of your storefront and grill hotdogs to give away or hire one of those people who dress up in crazy costumes if you think that would grab attention and bring in the patrons. Be inventive and dare to be a little different.

Another avenue to explore, if you haven’t already is the information highway. Using the internet or a website can reach millions of people, make them aware of your company, your products and services and can generate sales. Consider implementing online purchasing as an added way to create new customers and boost sales. Taking your business on the web is a sure way to get recognized and the possibilities for what you can do are only limited by your imagination.

This whole concept is to be different and create attention for your company. Pique the interest of the people in the marketplace, engage their curious nature and when you get them in the doors, knock their socks off with your great staff and quality products and services to keep them coming back for more. custom stirrup socks

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