Oculus Go is probably the first VR headset that many people bought, perhaps for a birthday or during the holidays. First-time users might find the Oculus Go to be a great budget-friendly option. Nevertheless, it is also restrictive, as people are unable to play some of the best VR games available today. It’s only available with the Oculus Quest, a standalone headset that provides better controls and experiences.

For many, the Oculus Quest is the better option. VR headsets allow people to move around the room and perform more complex movements with their hands instead of restricted controls. There are also great titles on it, including Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Synth Riders.

It does not mean, however, that the Oculus Go is a poor option. Additionally, that headset offers a lot of great games and experiences, and it can be very fun to use. Below is a comparison of the two headsets, along with some advice on what to buy with each.

Oculus Go: A Budget-Friendly Option

Let’s start with the Oculus Go. VR headsets were released in 2018 and caused a stir in the community because they were portable, cheap, light, and easily transportable. Since it is inexpensive, it has become a popular gift item for people who want to try out the new experience.

It makes sense, right? As an entry headset for anyone interested in exploring immersive content, it serves enough great experiences to be worth the price. RUSH is an integral part of the platform, and virtual VR is great fun. On the battlefield, wizards throw spells to claim victory with their wands. There is a growing market for virtual reality, and the content goes beyond the games that we can play today. Those are enough reasons to give it a try.

It has its limitations, however. The Oculus Go lacks cameras (and the corresponding Oculus Insight system), so it cannot read the room. Therefore, people cannot walk around the room, headsets strapped to their heads, trying out some of the best virtual reality games. We have to deal with that. You would be sorely disappointed if you expected to play Beat Saber.

This does not mean that you should put away your headset. There are some incredible games already available on the platform, and it is supported by many developers providing innovative experiences.

Oculus Quest: The Best Standalone VR Headset

Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion. The Oculus Quest is a new virtual reality headset. The Oculus Go is a more affordable headset. The Oculus Rift S is a high-quality headset. The HTC Vive is a great VR platform for anyone who wants the best of cheaper experiences and the very best games available. The Oculus Quest uses the same power as the Go, but with better controllers for immersive gameplay. This makes the VR platform worthy of investment for anyone who wants the best of cheaper experiences and the very best games available. It is also selling out everywhere.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you know that you don’t have to pay for internet access when you’re on the road. But you may have to pay to use your phone. You can avoid these fees by purchasing a SIM card that is designed for travel.

Which VR Headset Should You Buy?

It can be hard to decide between the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, but if it must be narrowed down to smaller options, then the following headsets stand out:

The Oculus Go is more affordable, providing a gateway into the VR ecosystem. Playing 360-degree videos and having a lot of great titles makes it an excellent family system.

Games. More games are available on the Oculus Quest, including some of the best games in recent years. Furthermore, Facebook is likely to continue supporting the platform in the future.

Portability. Both VR headsets are easy to transport because they are standalone and do not require external PCs.

In our opinion, the Oculus Quest offers the most value and long-term appeal compared to the Oculus Quest. The suite of games, hand-tracking, and immersive technology are much better than its smaller sister. Nevertheless, it is still regarded as an excellent device. VR headsets are great for watching 360-degree movies and there are still some great titles available on the system. Sadly, other aspects of the system are somewhat lacking.

It’s a great time to enter the VR ecosystem, whatever your choice may be. Currently, there is a lot of innovation happening around the world, so we are ready for a new revolution in the gaming industry. Enjoy the ride.

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