Online food order near me has become popular even in normal times, but it’s been a life saver during the coronavirus pandemic. Customers can order burgers, pizza, sushi, or a dish from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered right to their home or workplace. This convenience makes food delivery apps an indispensable tool in many people’s lives, and as a result, third-party delivery services have seen huge growth in 2020. But these platforms come with their own fees, up to 30% in some cases, which can make it difficult for restaurants to turn a profit on this type of business.

The best food delivery apps have extensive reach in a region and let customers choose from a range of restaurants. Grubhub has a slight edge, thanks to its acquisition of Seamless and Eat24, though DoorDash is rapidly catching up. The app allows customers to search for restaurants by cuisine or location and place orders with ease. They can also take advantage of special deals and leave delivery instructions for the driver.

Other apps like Postmates and Instacart specialize in grocery delivery, letting users pick up items like snacks, drinks, and even things like clothing or cellphone chargers from local stores and have them delivered to their doorstep. GoPuff has a quirkier approach, delivering a wide variety of beverages, snacks, and household goods like over-the-counter medicine and cleaning supplies to households.

Third-party food delivery apps can help restaurants increase their reach and revenue by providing an easy way for people to find and order from them. But they often come with high fees, up to 30% of each order — which can make it difficult for restaurants to turn this type of business into a profitable one.

If you want to avoid these fees, consider implementing direct online ordering through your website and hiring your own delivery drivers. This can be more cost-effective than using a third-party service, and it gives you more control over your customer experience.

Introducing online and mobile ordering can also boost your sales, particularly during the busy times. With Square Online, you can create a custom mobile site that lets customers order right from your menu and pay through a number of different methods, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay. Plus, you can offer on-demand delivery by sending a professional DoorDash or Uber courier to deliver your customers’ orders. This helps you avoid marketplace commissions and keeps your operations running smoothly during the flu season. online food order near me

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