Padded mma gloves are an essential piece of equipment for anyone training in mixed martial arts. The gloves keep your hands padded to prevent injury from heavy strikes and collisions with your partner or bag. When choosing a pair, look for the right size and padding thickness to meet your needs. You also need to make sure the gloves comply with any regulations set by your athletic commission.

MMA gloves are also known as sparring or training gloves and can be used for any striking or grappling-based MMA drills. They’re usually a bit lighter than boxing gloves to allow you to move more freely. The padding in MMA gloves is typically more dense to protect your knuckles and other parts of the hand. It’s common for MMA fighters to train with boxing or muay thai gloves when striking on the bag and save the MMA gloves for sparring and grappling.

These MMA training gloves feature durable cowhide leather construction for a great fit and a comfortable feel. They’re ideal for all types of MMA training from punching to grappling and submissions. They’re designed to eliminate the shifting that happens in MMA sparring sessions caused by fighters having to adjust their gloves between different types of work. This is made possible by the Dual-X closure system which ensures a secure fit.

The thick 10 mm EVA fist padding of these MMA training gloves is great for protecting your knuckles from heavy strikes. The padding is evenly distributed and breathable to minimize heat retention in the glove. The curved thumb pad adds extra protection for punches as well. The wrist strap is snug to keep the glove in place and a hook and loop closure allows for easy on and off. Gants mma rembourrés

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