On the off chance that you live in a house that has harmed sash board, there’s a decent opportunity that it will should be supplanted. Supplanting the harmed wood belt board for the most part isn’t that troublesome an errand, contingent on how the house is fabricated.

The wood facia board is the wood nailed toward the finish of the rooftop rafters, however not the wood nailed on top of the rooftop rafters. This wood can without much of a stretch become harmed from dampness causing dry decay and obviously those mind boggling minimal bothersome critters known as termites.

The most effective way that you can eliminate harmed wood sash board will be to cut it into more modest pieces and afterward pry it free from the rooftop sheeting or uncovered overhang. You can likewise utilize a responding saw to cut the nails that are holding the fasia board to the wood fascia rooftop beam and rooftop sheeting.

The most concerning issue that you will have is eliminating the harmed segments. When these segments are harmed, they ought to be supplanted straightaway, to forestall the spread of more wood decay or termite harm.

Whenever you have taken out the harmed belt load up, it’s presently time to supplant it with another wood. Assuming you have eliminated the old fasia board in one piece, you can involve it as an example, by basically laying it on top of the new timber and following the regions that should be cut.

On the off chance that the wood is seriously harmed or you want to cut it into little pieces, just to eliminate it, you should quantify these points cautiously and cut in like manner.

It’s not continuously going to be not difficult to eliminate and supplant the wood sash board and on the off chance that you’re not happy or it seems like the errand will be past your development capacities, I would propose that you employ a worker for hire to fix these harmed regions.

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