Sex addiction san diego is a dangerous and compulsive pattern of sexual behavior that can negatively impact an individual’s relationships, career or self-esteem. These behaviors can range from excessive masturbation to a propensity toward pornography and risky sexual behavior. These behaviors can be exhibited by individuals of all genders, races and ages. Whether it is indulging in obsessive preoccupations, engaging in non-consensual sex or engaging in sexual activity for the purpose of escaping pain, stress, loneliness or boredom, these behaviors can cause serious psychological damage to an individual.

Some professionals call these behaviors “sexual compulsion” or “hypersexuality”. Others use the term “sex addiction” to describe these compulsive and damaging patterns of sexual behavior. Often, sex addiction is considered to be a symptom of other mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. In these cases, therapy can help an individual to address and overcome the underlying causes of their sex addiction by addressing co-occurring disorders.

The recovery from sex addiction can be a long and difficult process. Like any addiction, it requires a complete overhaul of one’s internal emotional and behavioral program. Often, individuals must confront a painful history of early trauma and learn to separate their compulsive sexual behaviors from their sense of self-worth. Many people also find comfort and healing in 12-step programs or other support groups where they can meet with other members that struggle with similar problems. Lastly, couples counseling can be helpful for many people struggling with sex addiction as they try to work together through the recovery process.

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