Silver kiddush cup is a piece of Judaica that holds wine and/or grape juice. It is used to sanctify the Sabbath, Jewish Holidays and Jewish Life Cycle events with a special blessing over the drink. Silver Kiddush cups come in a variety of designs and are handcrafted by Israel’s top Judaica artists. They are the perfect addition to any Jewish home or can be a treasured gift for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and new family heirlooms.

Silver Kiddush cups can be engraved with names, words of blessing, or symbols including stars of David, lions, vines and flowers that are representative to the Jewish people during ancient times in history. Many Kiddush cups are also designed with a simple town scape or synagogue that is symbolic of their ancestral Jewish homes.

A silver Kiddush cup should be washed by hand and never placed in a dishwasher. This will ensure that it retains its luster and 14-karat gold coating and doesn’t discolor or tarnish. It is also recommended that one dry their silver Kiddush cup with a soft cloth after use and before storing it to avoid scratches.

The Mishna in Pesachim (90a) states that the wine for Kiddush should be red and not white. However, the Rishonim suggest that this requirement is only because white wines are less common than red ones and not because of any health or taste reasons. They also note that it is permissible to say Kiddush over any other drink besides wine as long as it is not mevushal. silver kiddush cup

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