The 12 volt battery 20ah is a high performing lithium battery designed to replace lead batteries. It is based on the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and uses a proprietary BMS embedded with smart balancing algorithms that monitor key operational parameters, such as cell voltages, internal temperatures and currents. This leads to a high-level safety, long life and fast charging performance, in addition to quadruple energy density at the same physical size of the traditional lead VRLA or AGM battery it replaces.

The sealed maintenance free design makes it spill proof, and can be mounted in any position. It can be charged at any temperature and is designed for thousands of cycles with no degradation of the cells. The case is made from non-conductive ABS plastic, styrene or polypropylene, which provides good resistance to shock, chemicals and heat. It has a low self-discharge rate and may be stored at lower temperatures to further extend the shelf life.

The 12 volt 20ah lithium battery is a high-performing deep cycle battery based on patented Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry that’s light, compact, efficient, and maintenance free. It’s designed as a direct replacement for traditional lead acid VRLA, AGM or gel batteries in most applications and can be used without modification of the existing charging system. It has a built in automatic battery management system (BMS) that constantly monitors and adjusts the cells within the battery to ensure optimal performance while preventing overcharging, overheating, and maximizing cell cycle life.

The lithium battery offers more power and less weight compared to sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, while offering 10x the lifespan and providing a reliable source of energy for demanding applications. It can be used in a variety of deep-cycle applications, including electric wheelchairs and scooters. Lithium batteries are also ideal for backup systems and emergency use where the power is frequently interrupted.

Canbat lithium batteries are made in the USA with quality LiFePO4 battery cells and an intelligent BMS that prevents overcharging, deep discharge, overloading, and short circuiting. Our lithium batteries are UL certified, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. They can be charged with a regular lead-acid charger that can reach 14.4-14.6 volts, and they have a very low self-discharge rate. If your Canbat lithium battery fails due to normal usage, you can submit a warranty claim. If the battery is deemed unrepairable, you can request a new battery at a discounted price. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the battery. Canbat reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if the battery is found to be at its normal end of life prior to the expiration of the limited warranty period. 12 volt battery 20ah

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