A conservatory roof replacement with a new tiled roof is a fantastic way to upgrade your space, and one that will bring a huge number of benefits for homeowners. The most obvious benefit is that it will boost your energy efficiency. A solid conservatory roof has excellent thermal insulation meaning you will no longer need to crank up the central heating as much as you would with a polycarbonate or glass roof.

In addition to that, a new conservatory with a solid roof will offer a great deal more acoustic insulation. This is because the tiles and plastering inside your conservatory will help to keep noises from escaping outside, allowing you to relax in peace and quiet.

Adding a new tiled roof to your conservatory can also enhance the visual appeal of the space. This is because the modern nature of these roofing systems allows them to be matched to the roof colour of your home, creating a seamless finish. Moreover, because the interior of your roof will be a plastered ceiling, it opens up a wealth of design opportunities, from statement light fixtures to recessed downlights.

A good quality, high-performance tiled conservatory roof will add a significant amount to the overall value of your property, and can be expected to pay for itself within a few years. In fact, according to On The Market, the average high-quality tiled roof conservatory will increase a house’s sale price by up to 12%. tiled conservatory roof

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