Do-it-yourself is a trend that has become even more popular as it becomes more accessible thanks to the internet, with people doing everything from backyard patio pavers to dazzling wedding centerpieces on their own. Among the most common do-it-yourself projects that people try their hand at is building their own PC. While the idea may seem daunting to a newcomer, it’s actually fairly simple to do with the right tools and knowledge.

One of the best pc building site is Chillblast, which allows customers to build a custom rig and have it shipped to them in next-day delivery. Its website has a step-by-step system that asks you questions about what you’re using the computer for, such as whether you want to play video games or work with programs like Autodesk, then gives you a list of recommended options to choose from.

Another big name in PC builder websites is Falcon Northwest, which has a wide range of preset systems to suit gamers and creators. This includes options from tiny mITX PCs to powerful workstation machines that can be fitted inside custom cases. All of its computers are extensively tested to make sure they can handle the workloads that users want to put them through.

Newegg is a great resource to use when choosing components for your rig because it offers a comprehensive tool that breaks down each category of PCs into subgroups, such as ‘Enthusiast Level’ and ‘Pro Gaming’. This makes it easy to compare different processors, optical drives, cooling devices, and anything else that you can imagine a person might need for their rig. best pc building site

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