When you have a fire protection system on your property, it may be necessary to add an additional pump to help with water flow and pressure. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a fire fighting pump, it’s important to consult with a certified specialist who can evaluate your property and source the right pump for your needs. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between a fire pump and a water pump to help you determine which type of pump is right for your situation.

Fire pumps are centrifugal pumps designed to deliver high-pressure firefighting water for fire extinguishing or other purposes. They can be built for transportable use (in fire-fighting vehicles or as portable fire fighting pumps) or as stationary pumps, often located in hydrant systems. Fire pumps have strict specifications for operation and must meet worldwide regulations on sound levels, exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. They are usually powered by gas or diesel engines, although some units may be battery powered or run on solar energy.

Portable fire fighting pump are designed to be transported from one location to another without requiring any modifications. They are typically light enough to be carried by one or two people over rough terrain and have carrying handles. They are also able to be easily assembled by fire fighters at their site of use, so they can be up and running in a minimum amount of time.

Generally, portable fire pumps are designed to be self-priming and operate on 4-cycle engines, although some models require an exhaust primer or hand priming and have 2-cycle engines. They can be powered by gasoline, diesel or electric energy and are typically air-cooled to prevent overheating.

There are many different types of fire pumps, including single-stage volute casing pumps, double-suction radial flow pumps and submersible borehole pumps. They extract firefighting water from tanks, fire water ponds or rivers and deliver it to water supply hoses, foam systems or other equipment. Fire pumps are typically operated in an idle state, so reliable start-up and rapid ramp-up to full pump power output is critical.

Angus Fire offers both petrol and diesel powered fire pumps that can be operated in an open or closed environment. They have a maximum operating pressure of 220-375 PSI* and can deliver a maximum flow of 110-155 US GPM*. They are equipped with a mechanical seal and a replaceable wear-ring to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. The pump body is hard-anodized for lightweight and durability, while the impellers are bronze for extended life and corrosion resistance. They are available in a variety of flow rates and pressures to suit any application. For more information about our portable fire fighting pumps, contact us today. Our experts will be happy to assist you. We can also supply all of the fire hose and accessories you need to get your pump up and running.

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