A conviction for Operating Under the Influence (OUI) can have a profound impact on a person’s life. It is considered a criminal offense and carries with it serious penalties including imprisonment, significant fines, license suspension or enrollment in alcohol treatment programs. This is why it is imperative to have an experienced OUI lawyer fighting for you.

An OUI lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing OUI cases and is knowledgeable in the science behind breath/blood testing. They are also adept at identifying and challenging legal/scientific issues in the case that can be used to your advantage.

During pre-trial negotiations, an OUI attorney can help to minimize the consequences of a conviction. This may include a reduction in charges, alternative sentencing options or opportunities for expungement in the future.

During a trial, an OUI attorney can question witnesses and challenge evidence presented by the prosecution. In addition, they can cross examine the arresting officer exposing any bias or errors in the process that may have led to your arrest. Ultimately, an OUI lawyer will do everything possible to protect your rights and get the best result for you in your case. Contact Gary Pacella today to learn how he can help you. He has offices in New Bedford and aids clients throughout the region. Call or email him to schedule your free consultation.

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