The DWI lawyer is a legal representative who counsels and advises clients about being arrested for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. Arresting officers need to perform the arrests according to the letter of the law in order to avoid being accused of mishandling the case.

What You Can Expect When Arrested

The DWI lawyer can help to prevent a lot of things when his or her client has been arrested for drunk driving. One thing that the authorities can do is to take away the license of the accused. Without his or her license, the defendant cannot drive any other vehicle and will have a difficult time applying for a new ID. Some states also impound the vehicle of the defendant if or when he or she is accused of driving while intoxicated. The police authorities can keep it as evidence of the crime that the client has been accused of. Another penalty that can be prevented with the hiring of the attorney is the mandate for several hours of community service that can be the result of being charged with driving while intoxicated. Jail time may also be avoided with the right legal representative and the right makings of a case. A criminal record can also be listed further down in the person’s file, even if he or she is in fact found guilty of the crime with which he or she was charged.

How The Attorney Can Help

The person who has been charged with driving while intoxicated should definitely seek out the legal services of a DWI lawyer. This kind of attorney can help to define the rights of the defendant and find out if any laws have been broken during his or her arrest and processing. Constitutional rights of those arrested should be upheld until the moment they have been found guilty of the crimes with which they are charged. Before the individual can be arrested, his or her blood alcohol content should be well above the limits set by the state in order for him or her to be brought in and arrested. In some states, a field sobriety test can also be implemented on the individual suspected of drunk driving. Symptoms of being drunk will manifest themselves during the implementation of the test. If any of the constitutional rights of the individual have been violated during the testing of the blood alcohol content in field sobriety tests, then the DWI lawyer can file for a violation of his or her client’s rights and have the arrest declared null and void. This is the reason why a lot of arresting officers are very careful with regards to how they implement the tests and how they arrest the individual. This is quite tricky to do, since drunk drivers can be rowdy at times.

It is always a good idea to keep within the boundaries of driving and drinking in order to stay within the limits of the law. A lot of bad things can happen when driving while intoxicated, and sometimes a life can even be caught in the balance. best injury attorney

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