Even before the west coast exploded with individuals rushing across the country in search of their gold filled fortune, the Beaver Dam served as a welcome respite for the weary travelers navigating through the barren desert.

Named as the “halfway point” between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, the lush area became more than just a watering hole when the Beaver Lodge was constructed in 1929.

It did not take long for Los Angeles residents to discover the fine accommodations offered by the Lodge. As a result of their hectic Hollywood life style, many famous actors such as Errol Flynn, Jack Berry and Wallace Berry looked to the Lodge as a welcome escape from their city lives.

Even during the great depression, the allure of the Beaver Lodge failed to subsist. Lining the lodge with penny slot machines, it was able to keep many locals employed throughout the depression from the machine’s proceeds, a sign of the Lodge’s resiliency even during the toughest of times.

Due to its growing popularity, the lodge continued to look for ways to attract more visitors to its lush green landscape. As a result, the Beaver Lodge went through a series of renovations that upgraded its lodge and the surrounding grounds. Despite these changes, the Lodge continued its commitment to honoring its past by ensuring that the look of the lodge remained the same as it did when it opened its doors in 1929.

A Relaxing Round of Golf Awaits

For most golf enthusiasts who come to visit the Mesquite area, they have made the trip in order to experience what it means to golf Mesquite. However, despite many golfers who look only to the golf courses 8 miles West of Beaver Lodge, a Mesquite golf vacation would not be complete without a round at the Beaver Lodge golf club.

Described as a “lovely little Oasis” by the Utah Golfer, the Beaver Lodge golf club offers golfers of all abilities the perfect alternative to a time consuming 18 holes of golf. Playing at just over 1000 yards, the 9 hole par 3 course consists of holes ranging from 80 to 165 yards in distance. This mild distance allows golfers to enjoy a great round of golf, in a third of the time it takes to play other courses. For those cost conscientious golfers, the Beaver Lodge golf club also gives golfers the opportunity to play an unlimited number of holes for the price of one greens fee, making the Beaver Lodge golf course an excellent option for families who wish to avoid spending a mortgage payment on their golf outing.

For over 80 years travelers have looked to the Beaver Lodge as a welcome respite from their normally hectic lives. With its historical significance, central location, it will continue to provide top notch accommodations and golf for many years to come. 베트남 밤문화

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