Might you want to burn through an entire pack of cash and purchase an entire bundle of Tig welding bars, one for each metal sort, or could you me to reduce this situation down for yourself and save you a great deal of time irritation and cash?

Could you accept that main 3 different Tig welding poles will weld around 98% of the welding position you will at any point experience? I as of late composed another article posting 11 bars that will weld darn close to everything. Be that as it may, a many individuals with never at any point weld metals like titanium and magnesium so I worked on the rundown to the absolute minimum different tig welding poles you want.

Do I have your consideration yet? Or on the other hand perhaps you appreciate gathering TIG bars you may in all likelihood won’t ever utilize. So what are the 3 bars? Is it true that you are certain you can deal with this?

Alright they are right here…

Hastelloy W
Aluminum Bronze
4043 Aluminum
Lets investigate this a piece further and allow me to make sense of precisely exact thing you can weld with just 3 different tig poles.

Hastelloy W will weld any steel. Allow me to say that once more. ANY STEEL! Instrument steel , low medium and high carbon prepares, low composite prepares, 4130, hardened steels, cast iron, nickel amalgams, cobalt combinations, and each of these to any of the others. The “W” in Hastelloy W ought to mean “Miracle Pole”. its practically sorcery.
Aluminum Bronze will weld any copper composite to some other copper amalgam. It is additionally an incredible bar for tig welding cast iron and for welding prepares to copper compounds.
4043 aluminum is the most usually utilized tig filler rod types welding pole for universally useful aluminum welding.
Presently let me be honest with you. For basic applications, you really want to understand what it is you are welding and this ready to take care of business data ought not be utilized in lieu of designing records. However, for general support and fix welding where you simply have to get it done…these 3 bars will rescue you endlessly time in the future.

Here is one more tip…get some E70S2 gentle steel TIG poles since they are truly modest and are fine for a wide range of gentle steel as well as 4130 chromoly.

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