Whether your restaurant is looking to boost its online presence, attract more customers, or increase revenue from repeat diners, you can do all of that and more with effective marketing tools. From easy-to-use web-based tools to full-suite software solutions, there’s sure to be a marketing tool that fits the needs of your restaurant.

Having an efficient, mobile-friendly website is one of the most important marketing tools for restaurants. A well-designed, user-friendly website allows guests to easily find what they’re looking for and take action (make reservations, order ahead, etc). With tools like Typedream, creating a restaurant homepage that includes all of the crucial information can be done in under 30 minutes.

With so many people researching reviews and ratings before choosing a restaurant, having an online review management platform is crucial. With tools like Bloom Intelligence, you can ask for and receive ratings from your guests, monitor them, and respond to them all in a single dashboard. In addition, you can show off your positive reviews on your restaurant website as social proof that will help to bring in new diners.

Another great restaurant marketing tool is email automation. When a customer makes a reservation or orders food online, they’re added to an email automation that sends them an email series of carefully crafted emails aimed at encouraging them to dine with you again. Using an integrated email platform with your restaurant’s reservation and online ordering system can allow you to automate these campaigns even further. For example, SevenRooms’ Autopilot feature automatically adds clients to an email automation program as soon as they make a reservation or place an order with your restaurant marketing tools

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