employee communication app are increasingly being used by organizations to connect their workforces. These apps offer features like private social feeds, conferencing, instant messaging, and analytics. They also allow employees to provide feedback.

Look for an internal communication platform that offers a user-friendly interface and can easily integrate with your other tools. It should also have features for sharing information, such as a news-sharing option that delivers communications via email blasts.


Choosing the best employee communication app for your company can be difficult. There are many things to consider, including cost, functionality, and support. But the most important factor is relevance. A relevant app will help employees work more efficiently and improve their professional skills. An employee communication app can also be used to build communities and connect with employees.

ClearBox notes that the most successful employee apps are those that have a clear purpose and engage the audience with valuable content and services. In addition, the app should be easy to use. A simple and visually appealing design will attract employees and encourage them to share their ideas and thoughts.

Staffbase is a high-growth, deeply experienced provider of internal communications management platforms for enterprise companies. Their mobile-compatible platform allows companies to reach their employees anywhere, on any device. Its solutions empower companies to deliver news and updates, streamline workflows, and support a modern digital workplace.


Beekeeper is an all-in-one frontline success system that transforms the way 2 billion frontline workers work. Its mobile-first platform connects and empowers distributed teams across every shift, location, and language with one-on-one and group messaging. Dedicated streams deliver important operational communications, while smart automation and internal communication campaigns boost engagement and productivity.

Beekeeper also provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard that helps managers monitor employee engagement, while a secure centralized hub lets them store data, including project results and employee performance. The company’s cloud servers are ISO 27001 certified, and it regularly conducts external security audits to maintain its high-level of security.

Founded in 2012, Beekeeper is a fast-growing Swiss technology company that builds a real-time communication and collaboration platform for frontline employees. It enables them to access important documents like their shift schedules, paystubs, training, tasks, safety checklists, announcements, and more. The app also allows them to communicate in real time with colleagues using chats, streams, and polls.


Haiilo is a company communication app with a focus on employee advocacy and amplification. It also offers a centralized information hub, content production, and targeted analysis. It is a great option for companies that want to increase engagement and employee advocacy without spending a lot of money.

The product provides a collaborative digital workspace that brings together all communications channels, allows top-down and bottom-up targeted communications, improves engagement and retention rates, enables flexible working, helps to develop strong corporate cultures and create true brand ambassadors. The platform can be accessed from all devices, is easy to use and includes features such as employee surveys and rich analytics.

Customer service is a critical factor when it comes to choosing an internal communications tool. A high score in this category indicates that the provider is willing to work closely with clients throughout the entire process, from initial contact through to implementation and ongoing support. Haiilo scores well in this area, ranking at 9.4 compared to Firstup’s score of 8.4. This is thanks to the company’s commitment to making the adoption process as easy as possible for their customers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that offers business messaging, calling and video meetings. It integrates with other Microsoft applications and third-party software. Its interface is reminiscent of social media chat apps, and it provides users with a central hub for work. It also supports guest access to allow external collaborators to join conversations.

The app has robust security features that include two-factor authentication and encryption in transit and at rest. It also meets ISO 27001 and SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance. It can also be configured to meet strict industry data security standards, such as those imposed by HIPAA patient information restrictions in healthcare.

It is compatible with most Windows, iOS and macOS systems and devices. It allows outbound calling from computers, and it can also integrate with on-premise PBX systems. Its integration with other Microsoft 365 applications makes it easier to create and share content. Its meeting capabilities include calendar integration and easy scheduling. Its private channels are ideal for discussing sensitive topics.

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